Saturday, February 9, 2013

Taco Night

Tonight I made tacos for dinner for the first time in awhile.  "White Girl Tacos" as we used to call them when I had a group of girlfriends in California: Grace, Tish, Gina, Angela and Carla.  Me and Carla were the only "white" girls, and Angela is Korean but Grace, Tish and Gina are beautiful wonderful Latina Chicas.  Of course being Hispanic they have their own way of making tacos, and Carla and I had our own way, thus the term "White Girl Tacos".  LOL those were fun times. 
 In any case, back to tonight's taco endeavour...   My typical struggle with tacos is that the Old El Paso shells are all busted up 9 times out of 10 when I open the box.  We had actually given up on buying them, because it was always a disappointment, we had switched to soft shelled tacos the past few times, which I don't like as much.  When my hubby is gone away on trips I get to experiment with different foods, so this time I bought Ortega shells and ground turkey.  I want to praise the Ortega people for their ingenious method of packaging their shells, may I present the awesomeness of it all: 
I can't say that I approve of the waste of plastic in the packaging, but I will forgive them for it.  There was not a broken shell in the bunch.  Hey Old El Paso! Take note, simple cellophane with a little paper triangle inside does NOT protect shells from breakage.  Good job Ortega, you have a new customer!  These shells taste good, and their size is just right, the other company's shells were turning into mini tacos recently.
Here is the finished product, they were delish! Mucho Bueno (if that's a term).

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  1. Am I first? How exciting! The cats and I have been reading William's blog for a long time; lurkers, I admit!

    Funny about the White Girl Tacos--we had those last week. The description is very apt, heh heh.



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