Monday, February 18, 2013

Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

In the last post I said that I didn't really care for the Cafe Escape beverages I had tried through the free BzzAgent campaign so far, I have changed my mind! I had the cafe vanilla the other day, it was yummy, but not quite to the point of purchasing. I am drinking the Dark Chocolate hot cocoa right now, I have to say I am enjoying it, I even tossed in a few marshmallows. It is the right amount of sweetness, very chocolatey and smells like brownies. I don't usually like cocoa, but this is very yummy. I'm impressed, its MUCH better than the milk chocolate hot cocoa that I tried last week.
Coming soon...My Aunt's reviews of the Keurig cups that I sent her.

I shared some of the K-Cups that Bzzagent sent me for free, with my Aunt in Maine. Here are her opinions:

Cafe Vanilla - Very nice on a cold winters afternoon. Smooth and Creamy with a nice vanilla taste. I would not want it in the morning as it is very sweet but but for a dessert or other time of day it is very nice.

Cafe Caramel - I did not care for this one as much. Altho it had a nice caramel flavor it was very sweet. It might like it better as an iced coffee but I tried it hot and do not think I would buy it.

If I keep sending her free samples to spread the Bzz, maybe she'll sign up and become a BzzAgent herself. :)

Thanks for the free stuff BzzAgent, I love it!

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