Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cafe Escapes

I am participating in a BzzAgent campaign to test various flavors of Cafe Escapes Keurig brew cups. My hubby and I bought ourselves a Keurig around Christmas time and we really like it. He is a coffee drinker, however I cannot drink coffee and prefer tea as a hot beverage. There are several varieties of tea, cocoa, and cider in Keurig cups and I have tried several of them. Cafe Escapes has flavored beverages including a Chai Latte, which I actually got 2 boxes of for Christmas from my Hubby and my Mom, granted its not Starbucks quality Chai, but its decent. This is one of the flavors in the sample pack from BzzAgent, in addition to a couple of hot cocoas, a caramel cafe, a mocha, and cafe vanilla. I did not much care for the milk chocolate hot cocoa, I thought I could taste a hint of a hazelnutty/amaretto kind of essence, I don't like that flavor. The caramel cafe is sweet and creamy, it was pretty good. I haven't tried the vanilla cafe yet, but I expect that it will be similar to the caramel. These beverages do contain powdered milk which tends to disagree with some stomachs, so if you are intolerant than these will not likely be good for you. Packages of these Cafe Escapes Keurig cups run around $12.00 for 12 or 16 cups.

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